Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When's the last time ... ?

I am so angry.

I just got done reading this piece by Michigan Radio's Jack Lessenberry about plans for making up school days missed this year in Michigan because of snow, ice, and cold. Some politicians want to extend the contact hours each day instead of adding days into summer vacation. This is in spite of direct opposition to the idea by the entire State Board of Education, especially by the State Superintendent of Schools, Mike Flanagan.

Here is the response one of the politician pushing for extending the school day gave regarding the opposition:
When asked about the state superintendent’s views ... Potvin said: “He hasn’t signed any checks lately for transportation,” apparently meaning the cost of school buses.
Forget that Rep. Potvin is putting money before learning (Lessenberry addresses this in his piece). I am more angry with how Rep. Potvin seems to believe his business experience trumps Superintendent Flanagan's educational perspective when it comes to running schools. It makes me want to scream.

But instead, I decided to use my words. Therefore, I wrote this post and used this meme to appropriately express my anger.
Ah, that's better. 

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