Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What is the purpose of pre-assessments?

In our course, Probability and Statistics for K-8 Teachers, we are trying to apply Design Thinking to a project involving teaching in a local 6th-grade math class. We will be focusing on 6.SP from the Common Core State Standards. Before we begin planning our lessons, we want to know what students can already do in order to build on their strengths. Therefore, we decided to design a pre-assessment.

We recently went through the Design Thinking process and tested out our pre-assessment ideas with the 6th-grade teacher. Design Thinking is an iterative process, and the feedback we received from the teacher reinforced this idea. It was clear that we had not spent enough time defining the project, which resulted in a lot of disconnected pre-assessment ideas. So tomorrow we will return to the Define step using the Project Priority Puzzle shown below.

  • Select a phrase from each row (whatwhyhow, and when) in the table below that you feel ought to define our 6.SP pre-assessment. If you think a phrase is missing, write it in one of the blank spaces provided; 
  • Use scissors to cut out each of your selections, along with the top phrase; and 
  • Combine the phrases in order from top to bottom using tape to create your “Define” artifact.
Project Priority Puzzle

You could help us out by providing your definition of pre-assessment. Use the puzzle pieces above or create your own. Please add your definitions to the comments. Thank you in advance for your support of our future teachers.

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