Friday, December 2, 2011

Why do you like Twitter?

People not on Twitter ask me this a lot - usually as they back away slowly. Last night's Twitter stream provided two answers. But I'm still not sure they would get it.

First, Erin Ochoa tweeted that she had posted her reflection on EdCamp Edmonton. We did a joint session together on using Twitter that day, although we were nearly 1,500 miles apart. (I wrote my reflection on that session at EdCamp Grand Rapids here.) It was good to be reminded of how Twitter supports professional collaboration.

Second, John Spencer started a Twitter meme with #pencilchat. He explained how it started here. Seventeen hours later and it is still going strong. Whatever the reason behind #pencilchat, it provided a lot of teachers with a laugh. And I for one could use the comedic relief.
PS The link in the tweet above pointed out another positive aspect of Twitter - connections. You can find out why here. I don't want to ruin the "rest of the story" surprise.

1 comment:

  1. Comedic relief alright. And I sure was glad to see this side of you David. I didn't realise you're sooooo funny.

    And yes as you said in my post, laughter is good. I do think that the wise are able to laugh at life, not with sarcasm, but with full enjoyment.

    Looks like this #phronesis thing has just got an injection of fun.