Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whose job is it anyway?

I woke this morning and found this tweet from Alfie Kohn in my Twitter Stream:
It immediately reminded me of the article I wrote with my GVSU colleague, Dr. Pamela Wells - Are They Wrong? Or Did They Just Answer a Different Question?

But it also brought to mind a cartoon John Golden drew for me after I shared with him a talk I heard at a leadership conference at the University of Michigan's School of Education. This was before Twitter, so he had to wait until I drove back from Ann Arbor to tell him about it. I do not remember who the speaker was, but I do remember the message: we need to be figuring out what learners are saying and not the other way around.
So what is your paradigm?


  1. The idea that "The question the child answers, she always answers correctly" goes back to Jean Piaget. Piaget says that Seymour Papert said it and Papert gives credit to Piaget.

  2. Thanks, Gary. This affirms that we know (and have known) how to support learning for a long time. Why is it that the majority of schools ignore this wisdom and focus on right answers?