Friday, August 3, 2012

What's worse than two guys sarcastically watching a video?

Soon after we first posted Mystery Teacher Theater 2000 Episode 1 and it started getting attention, John and I began to consider, "Now what?" As we so often do, we tried to make this thinking visible by sharing it on Twitter.
In retrospect, I regret using "snarking" and "snark" in this discussion because, as I have written before, the original videos (yes videos, another one came out recently) were meant to be satire. Still, hopefully these tweets demonstrate that John and I try to take a meta perspective when it comes to education. 

Well, that's enough background. We hope the message of this version speaks for itself. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Meta Mystery Teacher Theatre 2000.

I hope you stuck around after the credits, there is a surprise waiting for those who persevered through the entire video.


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  2. Please keep comments focused on whether or not it is worth using Khan Academy videos in schools. Any others will be deleted. Thank you.

  3. As you mentioned Khan is just another resource.

    Watching these videos has made me think about the following... In my opinion the hardest part about teaching is getting students engaged in their learning while understanding the importance of mathematics education. I wonder how sitting in one place watching a Khan video fosters learning? Especially, when students have no relationship with the "teacher", receive very little feedback (IMO students nowadays require instance feedback), and little chance to explain their thinking.

    I thought education was in a push for 21st century learning? Do these videos capture anything but the technology piece? Where is the collaboration, creativity and communication, etc?

    If a teacher uses videos, I think they should make their own since they are the ones who know the strengths and weaknesses of their students. Using videos requires great preparation and attention to purpose.

    Have my views become distorted since being removed from the college community?