Friday, July 26, 2013

Do you, David ... ?

Sixteen years ago today, Kathy and I were married at a lovely spot in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Her kids from a previous marriage made up our wedding party. I actually knew the kids before I knew Kathy (long story).

Before we were married, Kathy promised me that life with her and the kids would be an adventure. She wasn't kidding. It has been an amazing adventure. And whenever things got interesting, we would remind each other of that promise by humming the first few bars of the Indian Jones Theme Song.

I often tell this story to preservice teachers to prepare them for the adventure of teaching. And whenever one of the lessons I'm observing gets interesting, I might remind them of the promise that teaching is an adventure. Or I might begin singing: da da da daaaa, da da daaa, da da da daaaa da da daa daa daa...

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