Saturday, April 16, 2011

What is job-embedded professional development?

The following is from the talk I gave at the NCTM 2011 Annual Meeting an Exposition. The title of the talk, Developing Teachers’ Algebraic Reasoning through Job-Embedded Professional Development, refers to our attempts to design a professional development experience based on teachers' immediate identified needs. This is the description we wrote almost a year ago:

Presenters will provide a model of job-embedded professional development used to support the teaching of algebraic reasoning in middle school.  We will explore how the use of context and representations enhanced content and pedagogical content knowledge to help support learners as they move from the concrete to the abstract. 
My co-presenters (Esther Huntzinger Billings and Mary Scott) and I struggled in developing the final presentation because things had not gone according to plan since we submitted the proposal last spring. Still, we were able to talk about what worked, what didn't, how we adjusted, and where we are headed. Under the circumstances, I think it went well. Here, see for yourself:

If you require more information about specific slides from the presentation, please use the comments to share your request.

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