Friday, August 5, 2011

Can you help a Fellow out?

The first cohort of W. K. Kellogg Foundation's Woodrow Wilson Michigan Teaching Fellow program descended on Grand Valley this summer. I have been teaching one of the many courses they have been taking in preparation for a year-long student teaching residency program beginning in the fall. My course, as the name states, is about facilitating learning environments. While I can offer them theories and my experiences teaching a middle school math class nearly two decades ago, I have relied on current K-12 teachers in my Professional Learning Network to fill in the gaps.

Already, the support has been amazing. Some of that support is chronicled here. Also, a few bloggers have posted their ideas about classroom management (here and here) and included the course hashtag, #FLE11, in their tweets so that the Fellows would have access to their experience and wisdom.

You all have given so much already but I have another request. As a part of a home workshop, Fellows were asked to come up with a list of questions they had about facilitating learning environments. They have posted these on their blogs. I would appreciate it if you would take some time to read these posts and provide answers to their questions when possible. 

These are the Fellows who have completed the workshop.

I will add more links when they become available. Thank you in advance for your time supporting these teachers in training.

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